Kubrick Links

Stanley Kubrick’s personal favourites. Movie list. : movies

Stanley Kubricks’ New York: Classic photos from the Forties by the film director | Mail Online

KDK12 | The Shining: Forwards and Backwards

Stanley Kubrick part 1: Becoming Kubrick | Cagey Films

Films To Watch Before You Die #16 – A Clockwork Orange (1971) | Flickering Myth Movie Blog

Kubrick’s Debut, RIP Ken Russell, Oscar Buzz | Atlantic City Central

Steven Spielberg on Stanley Kubrick | FILMdetail

David Poland: Stanley Kubrick – Episode 126 – Ebert Presents

Eyes Wide Shut reviewed by Lawrence Russell

From the archive, 4 December 1960: Stanley Kubrick’s guide to the art of film-making | News | The Observer

Fear And Desire | Other Shows | TV Club | TV | The A.V. Club

Horror Month 2009: The Shining (1980) | Bill’s Movie Emporium

Amazon.com: Kubrick: The Definitive Edition (9780571211081): Michel Ciment, Gilbert Adair, Robert Bononno, Martin Scorsese: Books

Amazon.com: The Making of Kubrick’s 2001 (9780451071392): Jerome Agel: Books

Zombies DON’T Run: Stanley Kubrick Month In January 2012

Michel Ciment Interviews Stanley Kubrick – YouTube



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