A Clockwork Orange – 40th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray) – KDVR

Stanley Kubrick: The Film Fan — Scene 360 – The Online Film and Arts Magazine

Interview: Malcolm McDowell on the 40th Anniversary of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Assignment X – The Pop Culture Entertainment Magazine for Movies, TV, DVD, Blu-ray, Video Games, Books, Comics and Technology – News, Interviews, Reviews, Photos and Videos

LOLITA Blu-ray Review, BARRY LYNDON Blu-ray Review, PAPILLON Blu-ray Review

ComicMix – Stanley Kubrick Slideshow Celebration

Looking back at A Clockwork Orange – Den of Geek

YouTube – The Movies of Stanley Kubrick 2011 – Part 2 Take One.

A Clockwork Orange: 40th Anniversary Digibook (Blu-ray) : DVD Talk Review of the Blu-ray

Variety Reviews – Once Upon a Time … ‘A Clockwork Orange’ – Film Reviews – Cannes – Review by Rob Nelson


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