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BY GARY D. RHODES Stanley Kubrick: Essays on His Films and Legacy (9780786432974): Gary Don Rhodes: Books

Part I. Early Works

1. Stanley Kubrick and Look Magazine — Philippe Mather

2. Kubrick’s Early Non-Fiction Work — Marina Burke

3. The Art of War (Films): Fear and Desire and Paths of Glory — Charles Bane

4. The Dream Landscape of Killer’s Kiss — Tony Williams

5. One Watches Cells: Kubrick’s Films Noirs in Context — Hugh S. Manon

Part II. Major Works

6. Patterns of Space, Sound, and Movement in Paths of Glory — Eric Eaton

7. Spartacus: The Spectre of Politics and the Politics of Spectacle — Reynold Humphries

8. Believing Is Seeing: Surveillance and 2001: A Space Odyssey — Gary D. Rhodes

9. Value, Violence, and Music Recognized: A Clockwork Orange as Musicology — Kate McQuiston

10. The Sadness of the Gaze: Barry Lyndon — Homay King

11. Reconsidering Fidelity and Considering Genre in (and with) The Shining — Jarrell D. Wright

Part III. Eyes Wide Shut (1999): A Case Study

12. The Mask that Conceals Nothing: Marital Fidelity and the Lo-Fi Soundscape in Eyes Wide Shut — Randolph Jordan

13. Eyes Wide Shut: Kubrick and the Representation of Gender — Lindiwe Dovey

14. Carnivalesque and Grotesque Bodies in Eyes Wide Shut — Miriam Jordan and Julian Jason Haladyn

15. The Phenomenological Quest of Stanley Kubrick: Eyes Wide Shut — Phillip Sipiora

Part IV. Kubrick’s Legacy

16. Mechanical Humanity, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Android: The Posthuman Subject in 2001: A Space Odyssey and Artificial Intelligence: A.I. — Scott Loren

17. Whose Stanley Kubrick? The Myth, Legacy, and Ownership of the Kubrick Image — Robert J.E. Simpson